23rd December 2013

Greetings and Happy Holidays from Bryan Murphy and Bo Bezdek Builder,

We are wishing everyone a joyous Season! We are writing this post to reflect on 2013 and pass along helpful advice when planning your 2014 project with us.

 This year has been a very pleasant, even-keel year. We handled 4 remodel projects in/around Austin, 1 design/build custom ranch house in Burnet County and 1 office/bedroom custom design/build tandem addition to a residence in Dripping Springs. Bo designed and produced plans for the ranch house project in Burnet. Bryan designed and produced plans for the addition project in Dripping Springs and a remodel project in Austin. The three other projects were collaborations with a local design group. Our clients are extremely pleased with our vision, production and personal attention provided to them and their projects. Both Bo and I understand the personal stress’s involved in both new construction and remodels, as we have both lived through them ourselves. These experiences have provided us with drive to make sure we always have the client’s wants and needs at the fore-front of our projects.

 Whether you are adding a space, remodeling all or part of your home or wanting a custom-fit dream-home, there is plenty to think about. Bo Bezdek Builder Bryan Murphy would be pleased to aid in the facilitation of your vision in any way that we can. Both Bo Bryan have the necessary experience to capture your vision and make it a reality. However, from time to time, it will be necessary to hire an architect to produce construction documents for city or county protocol. Additionally, some feel it necessary to bring in a qualified design group to help with vision. We have multiple contacts in all aspects of construction to go from vision to construction.

 Things to think about before contacting us for your next project:

1) Finish selections – these are the variables the effect price the most. These items include flooring, cabinets, counter-tops, hardware, moldings, trim, paint, appliances and so on.

2) Energy efficiency – energy rated appliances, foam insulation, solar collection systems, home automation, rain water collection, geo-thermal mechanical systems, sustainable materials, LED lighting systems tank-less water heating systems, just to touch on a few of the basics.

3) Plumbing location – in remodels, moving plumbing can be a serious expense. So, think hard about how badly you want to move a toilet or shower/tub drain, even if it’s only a few inches.

4) Roofing and veneer – heavier roofing materials require substantial structural reinforcement. Stone veneer has a greater impact on your home’s exterior longevity.

 Best wishes,

Bo Bryan

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